Saturday, 30 April 2011

[REC] 3: Genesis News

The original [REC] is one of the best found footage horror flicks out there, the sequel has some decent jumps (along with hokey religious flumblings), now we prepare for [REC]3: Genesis. Quite a fancy one sheet above, matching the previous installments quite nicely, and below is a nice little still of one of the zombies to be found in its frames. 


What really caught my eye was some of the information included in the official statement (which can be read here at Twitch Film). According to it, the film will use more traditional cinematography, in conjunction with the handheld stuff, to give the film 'an entirely fresh, yet disturbing new reality'. I can understand the want to move away from the established style of the films and keep things new, but I'd be worried how this could backfire. Could it be jumping the shark in its attempts to continue the series? Mind you, this technique can be used to fantastic effect, but the most terrifying part of these films, for me, was the urgency and unyielding reality of the 

Insert inappropriate joke here.

The article also mentions that new plot devices will unveil hidden information from the previous two films. In theory, this could be clever, but the past has shown that this loses favour with the audience because it normally is used to fill in plot holes as opposed to add to the story (or for forced emotional reaction, such as the retroactive introduction of the Sandman as Peter Parker's uncles killer in Spider-Man 3). The second [REC] film also tried to do this, in particular with the introduction of the overtly religious elements. Here's to hoping it ends up working out!

Finally, the statement makes reference to the fourth film in the series, [REC] 4: Apocalypse. I remember very soon after the second film came out, the two directors were supposedly each working on a sequel each at the same time. I guess that plan has gone out the window, but I do like the idea that they have given forethought to the series.

Badass poster. Check.

As with any horror film that becomes a franchise, [REC] runs a real risk of becoming stale (รก la Saw) immediately. Hopefully by virtue that they are planning on 4 films, they will focus on a good story as opposed to an expanding one with potential for more sequels. I was not a fan of [REC] 2 (with exception to some ideas and the last 15 mins), but must remind myself that the first and original film can still be viewed on its on and that it stands up strongly, even if it ends up with a bad case of sequelitis.

Either way, I'm looking forward to more intense Spanish horror flicks!