Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Major Canon 7D/Sandisk fault warning for filmmakers!!!

Dear all,

As I was syncing up my footage of the short film I have just shot, I realised several clips we had shot had not found their way into my Avid. I searched through my rushes, hoping to find the missing shots but, low and behold, found nothing.

This is a WARNING to all filmmakers shooting on the Canon 7D:

Once we had wrapped shooting on that day of filming, I went about transferring the files across from the card to my laptop using a card reader, but could not copy across several files. Putting the card back in the camera, I found them identifiable, but unviewable through the playback mode. I had a similar incident during a music video shoot a few months prior, but thought I must have confused the camera by pressing start and stop too fast. That was definitely not the issue here, and a clip was missing. Well, I have discovered 3 clips are actually missing, all sequential.

The Canon 7D is a beautiful camera and makes professional looking filmmaking a doddle, so there is no blame towards the camera, but be careful when selecting memory cards. Looking on the forums, it seems several people have come across this problem when using the SanDisk memory cards, and no other make has had this issue. If you are a filmmaker looking to shoot on the 7D, please keep this in mind. After losing my clips, I made sure to get a lot of safety shots to cover my ass, but that is not always an option (keep in mind, I would have to have done 4 takes of the one shot to have one usable one, since I lost 3 sequential files).

Shame, as the SanDisk is affordable. Some peeps have tried different ways to solve the problem, but it didn't do me any good. Please take this in to account while planning working with this camera. Don't end up in the same frustrating situation!!!